Congratulations WCRC Gun Raffle Winners

Bill Leonard

Springfield Arms, Model 1911, 45 ACP Pistol

Jerry DeWolf

 Winchester, Model 70 Sporter Rifle, caliber to be chosen by the winner 

Sue Stouffer

 Remington Model 870, 12 gauge 3” Magnum Shotgun

Kevin Tester is the current President of We The People WV

May 22nd, 7 pm Meeting - Socialism: Local Combat

Kevin Tester, special guest speaker

What?  Why wouldn't you want democratic socialism? Don't you want all Americans to have adequate food, decent housing, education, health care, etc.? 

Of course we want all those things for our loved ones and neighbors! But, democratic socialism is not the way to achieve those things.  

The interventionist-welfare model of socialism currently espoused by some candidates for public office involves "a loss of liberty into an even greater degree of political paternalism."   Wednesday, May 22nd, Kevin Tester explains how local people can confront this snake in the grass.

"Kevin Tester is the current President of We The People WV Jefferson County Tea Party PAC located in Jefferson County WV.  He also heads a Conservative Consortium whose primary purpose is establish a communication network for Conservative organizations and groups regionally to better organize against the ongoing threat to our great Republic!  

This is covering the Mid Atlantic, Southern and Northeastern parts of the United States to include West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania with the goal to expand.   Kevin is also active in The Eastern Panhandle Center Right group, long standing member of the West virginia Citizens Defense League and stays involved with the local Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee. 

As a lifelong Conservative Republican, he continues to work hard to make sure the party stays true to its Conservative roots.  He believes in staying involved in the community, currently sitting as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Charles Town Utility Board, Board member of the Old Opera House Theater company in Charles Town WV, Jefferson County Ministries Cold Weather Shelter volunteer and active member of the Knights of Columbus to name a few.  He is married with 8 children and currently lives in Charles Town WV."

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If government is to assure a “decent job at decent pay,” as well as “adequate” food and clothing, in addition to a “decent home and decent health care,” then inescapably that same government must determine, decide and dictate precisely what each of these guarantees are to represent in terms of qualities, quantities and characteristics to which every individual is to have a “right.”

(Dr. Richard Eberling)

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Where and When Does the Club Meet?

Funkstown Legion - 4th Weds of the Month, 7 pm

Next General Meeting May 22nd.

Club Meetings are generally held the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Funkstown American Legion, Dixon-Troxell Post #211, 12 North Westside Avenue, Funkstown, MD 21740-0250

Want to mail something to the Club? Address below:

P.O. Box 172 Funkstown, MD 21734-0172, US

Questions? Contact us by Phone - 240-527-8744


Why Join the Washington County Republican Club?

Be Informed and Connected

The Washington County Republican Club represents a large number of people who share your values for the common good.  The Club stimulates discussion, creativity, leadership and activism on the social/political issues for which we are passionate.   With policy briefings and updates by speakers and other leaders, every opinion is welcomed, debated, and in the end, better founded than before. You will not only be better informed about the issues, but also network with other involved, interesting people including elected officials, candidates and other community figures.

Be truly represented

In order for your views to be represented in public office, you vote for candidates who best represent your view. The Club works diligently to elect such candidates. Not only will you know more about officials, you will have opportunities to get to know them and learn who truly represents your view.

Maximize your voice

Joining with other Republicans to hold official’s feet to the fire, giving your input, and telling them what you expect of them amplifies your voice. The WCRC promotes what matters. We speak respectfully, yet loudly, and we are heard.

Be part of the action between elections.

The real action happens in between elections. That’s when people need to be educated, supporting structures need to be built, and the candidates you helped to elect need your input and guidance. With a political arena looking increasingly like life down Alice’s rabbit hole, citizen participation is essential to ensure a rational path to the future. The Washington County Republican Club accepts the challenge.


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2019 Annual Membership Dues

2019 Annual Membership dues are 

$25 per person, $35 per couple or  $10 per student.   The PayPal button below is available for your convenience or you can snail mail it to WCRC, P.O. Box 172, Funkstown, MD 21734-0172 

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Washington County Republican Club

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Meeting Info

The Washington County Republican Club generally meets the fourth Wednesday of each month, with exceptions possible due to special events and holidays. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.

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