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The next meeting of the Washington County Republican Club will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 7 p.m. at the Funkstown American Legion, Ballroom entrance. We will be electing new officers and discussing the election results. You need not be a member to attend.




Thank you to everyone who donated to our candidates and helped volunteer their time this year. Larry Hogan became the 1st Republican Governor to be re-elected since 1954. That is an amazing accomplishment and he won in many deep blue areas that Democrats did not think was possible. Delegate Mary Beth Carozza also defeated State Senator Jim Mathias, snapping a 10 election win streak for Mathias. Delegate Chris West won a Democrat-held State Senate district in Northern Baltimore County. We elected two strong new female leaders to the Anne Arundel County Council in Jessica Haire and Amanda Fiedler. In a tough year nationally, we are gaining a State Senate seat and have many great young leaders in our party.

Unfortunately, we did have losses as well. Democrats turned out at a level not seen since 2006, and while Republican turnout was up, it could not match it in many races. It appears that most Republicans voted straight Republican across the state. A majority of Democrats voted straight Democrat, although maybe as many as 20% or so Democrats voted for Governor Hogan and then all Democrat down-ballot. The independents and President Trump appear to be where races were most influenced. In western Maryland and even more so on the Eastern Shore, it appears we got a helpful bump from President Trump with Republicans and independents which helped our party win a couple of highly competitive General Assembly races. Conversely, in the large suburban counties in the Baltimore area, independents appear to have voted in large numbers against every Republican on the ballot except for Governor Hogan as a statement against President Trump. This dynamic proved problematic and appears to have cost us a couple of incumbent County Executives (Anne Arundel and Howard) and prevented us from making several legislative and county council gains that we thought were achievable. A similar dynamic was seen across the country. Every single one of our targeted State Senate candidates got more votes than the Democratic winners of those seats in 2014, yet many still lost. County Executive Kittleman got significantly more votes than he did in 2014 and lost.

Going forward, we need to build on this year and build a stronger party that fights in every corner of the state. Fundraising matters. Being able to deploy financial resources for our candidates matters. Larry Hogan had more resources against Ben Jealous and it helped him. We raised an unprecedented amount of money that allowed us to help candidates like Mary Beth Carozza win their elections and help candidates like Christian Miele come within 2 points of beating a 24 year politician who had never won by less than 10 before. We will focus on having the resources to make sure every Marylander knows what the Maryland Republican Party stands for and who our candidates are going forward. Larry Hogan will no longer be on the ballot in 2022, but that does not mean the Maryland Republican Party is dead. Far from it. We have a strong bench of leaders who will come to the forefront in short order. We are on the strongest financial footing we have ever been in following a mid-term election and we will build on it.

Looking to 2020, due to the ongoing lawsuit, it appears that Congressional District 6 will be redrawn to be more Republican. We will have Mayoral and City Council Elections in Baltimore City. We need to fight in these races and we will. We need everyone to join us as we know Democrats will be emboldened to raise taxes and support policies that do nothing to reduce crime. Let's fight to stop them and build a better Maryland that leaves money in the pockets of hard-working taxpayers.

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510 Johnnys - Bel Air, MD

Saturday, November 10, 2018 @ 11:30 A.M.

Ocean Pines Yacht Club - Ocean Pines, MD

Thursday, November 15, 2018 @ 5:00 P.M.

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"Gov. Larry Hogan has become the first Republican governor to win a second term in Maryland since 1954, NBC News projected around 8:30 p.m. and the AP projected around 9:07 p.m.

"This is absolutely amazing," Hogan told supporters around 10:19 p.m. "They said it was impossible. They said it couldn't be done in Maryland. But thanks to all of you, we just went out and did it."

Hogan has enjoyed high approval ratings in polls conducted throughout the campaign. He also maintained a sizable lead over Democratic opponent Ben Jealous in fundraising."


"When the results came in, Carozza addressed the crowd of energized supporters and thanked God for guiding her through this campaign.

“Our campaign has been a true grassroots campaign for all ages from the very beginning,” she said. “You think about what we've done together. This is a victory for all of us. This is our win together.”"


"Several Republican voters who accused Maryland officials of redrawing a key congressional district to illegally favor Democrats won their federal lawsuit Wednesday, in a sharp rebuke of overt partisan gerrymandering that forces the state to fix the problem before the 2020 elections -- or have federal judges step in and come up with a new congressional map themselves.

The three-judge panel's decision, issued shortly after the midterm elections, orders the state to submit the new map by March 7. Otherwise, the court will appoint a commission to produce a redistricting plan for use in the 2020 congressional election."




Patrick O'Keefe

Executive Director

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We have set-up two election day hotlines to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Tomorrow is election day, so if you haven't done so already, get out and vote! These are the two hotline numbers:



Thank you,


Paid for by the Maryland Republican Party.

Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee. R. Christopher Rosenthal, Treasurer


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