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Because Freedom Favors the Bold

Because Freedom Favors the Bold

Because Freedom Favors the BoldBecause Freedom Favors the BoldBecause Freedom Favors the Bold

Washington County, Maryland Republican Club


Coronavirus Alert

If you live in Wash. County, are in the coronavirus at-risk demographic and need groceries brought to you or errands run so you can limit your exposure, or if you would like to volunteer to bring supplies to high risk individuals, we are ready to serve. Please contact us at  240-347-1776 or


You could accomplish so much more

Not Your Average Club....

Be Informed and Connected

The Washington County Republican Club represents a large number of people who share your conservative values for the common good.  The Club stimulates discussion, creativity, leadership and activism on the social/political issues for which we are passionate.   With policy briefings and updates by speakers and other leaders, every opinion is welcomed, debated, and in the end, better founded than before. You will not only be better informed about the issues, but also network with other involved, interesting people including elected officials, candidates and other community figures.

Be truly represented

In order for your values to be represented in public office, you vote for candidates who best represent your view. The Club works diligently to elect such candidates. Not only will you know more about officials, you will have opportunities to get to know them and learn who truly represents your view.

Maximize your voice

Joining with other Republicans to hold official’s feet to the fire, giving your input, and telling them what you expect of them amplifies your voice. The WCRC promotes what matters. We speak respectfully, yet loudly, and we are heard.

Be part of the action between elections.

The real action happens in between elections. That’s when people need to be educated, supporting structures need to be built, and the candidates you helped to elect need your input and guidance. With some politicians advocating more and more outlandish policies, citizen participation is essential to ensure a rational path to the future. The Washington County Republican Club accepts the challenge.

No two Republican Clubs are alike and there are myriad ways to help in each community. Joining with like-minded, yet diverse friends brings out the best in one's interests and talents. There are lots of ways be involved.  Did we say make a difference?  Oh, yeah!  

Call us at 240-527-8744 for more information or click below to download a membership application

When is the next Republican Club Meeting?

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, March 25th.

Due to the uncertainty of the boiler being fixed at our regular location, the club will meet on Wednesday, April 22nd at  7:00 pm at the Williamsport American Legion, 400 American Legion Avenue, Williamsport, MD  21795

March Club meeting location:

400 American Legion Drive, Williamsport, Maryland 21795, United States

Questions? Contact us by Phone - 240-527-8744

Contact Us

Washington County Republican Club

P0 Box 172
Funkstown, MD 21734-0172

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Where is the Republican Club Monthly Meeting?

For the March meeting - The Williamsport Amerian Legion, 400 American Legion Avenue, Williamsport, MD 21795


Meeting Info

The Washington County Republican Club generally meets  

 the 4th Weds of the month,  with exceptions possible due to special events and holidays. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.

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