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Protect the vulnerable - voice your opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide. Please act now.

The 2020 Maryland Legislative Session is in full swing and senators are trying to decide who will introduce a Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) bill . This year would mark the 5th time that such legislation would be filed in Maryland, but thanks to your efforts each year, we have successfully  opposed PAS every time.

There is nothing they can do to make this bill acceptable. There are no safeguards that can truly protect against the coercion and abuse of the most vulnerable. The fact remains that doctors cannot accurately predict a terminal diagnosis. And, as we have seen in states where PAS is legal, those who feel like they are a burden on their family would choose to die out of a sense of responsibility, rather than because they are in pain. These are just a few of the reasons PAS is bad for  Marylanders.

We need to flood the inboxes of key legislative leaders.  We must reach their offices by phone and email to discourage the introduction of any PAS bill. Please go to the Maryland Right to Life website by clicking the button in the sidebar to send a prewritten message at the TAKE ACTION tab. All you need to do is enter your address to automatically ask them to "Please do not introduce a bill to legalize PAS".

Let's convince them now not to move forward with this dangerous legislatio


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Stand Against the Abortion Amendment!

Maryland's Speaker of the House, Adrienne Jones has promised to reintroduce an amendment to the Maryland Constitution that forever protects abortion as a "right" in our state with guaranteed public funding. 

The Abortion Amendment would take our existing, permissive abortion laws and enshrine them forever in our Constitution. If it is passed, it would go to a referendum on the 2020 ballot and would be a devastating blow in the fight to protect preborn children. Specifically, it would enshrine the "right" to an abortion at any time in pregnancy up until BIRTH for any reason. It would prevent enforcement of any pro-life laws currently on the books and block any attempt to pass future pro-life legislation such as the Pain Capable Bill or Dismemberment Ban.  This tactic is being used in several states to make abortions at any stage of pregnancy legal immediately upon enactment and to prevent passage of any future pro-life laws if the US Supreme Court were to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

This extreme and barbaric legislation has recently been signed into law in New York state. We can not allow it to happen in Maryland!

Maryland is already one of the nation's most protective states of abortion rights. Maryland law says that the State may not interfere with a woman's decision to end a pregnancy before the preborn child is viable. However, abortions can occur in Maryland at any time during a woman's nine-months of pregnancy as there is no definition of "viable" within Maryland law.  Nor is there a definition of what constitutes a woman's health. Leaving definitions of these exceptions out of the law allow a practicing physician or abortionist to define them. Maryland has become well-known for allowing late-term abortions and houses one of only four clinics left in the United States that perform abortions through full term.

The Abortion Amendment is not yet a reality and we cannot let it become one!

Your elected leaders need to hear from you TODAY. Tell them this extreme legislation has no place in Maryland. We can stop this. We ask for your help by taking action. Write to your legislators and committee members hearing the bill TODAY via EMAIL letter and CALL them to let them know that you OPPOSE this dangerous and extreme legislation.

How can I contact my legislators about this?

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How can the republican club make a difference for me?

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Be Informed and Connected

The Washington County Republican Club represents a large number of people who share your values for the common good.  The Club stimulates discussion, creativity, leadership and activism on the social/political issues for which we are passionate.   With policy briefings and updates by speakers and other leaders, every opinion is welcomed, debated, and in the end, better founded than before. You will not only be better informed about the issues, but also network with other involved, interesting people including elected officials, candidates and other community figures.

Be truly represented

In order for your values to be represented in public office, you vote for candidates who best represent your view. The Club works diligently to elect such candidates. Not only will you know more about officials, you will have opportunities to get to know them and learn who truly represents your view.

Maximize your voice

Joining with other Republicans to hold official’s feet to the fire, giving your input, and telling officials what you expect of them amplifies your voice. The WCRC promotes what matters. We speak respectfully, yet loudly, and we are heard.

Be part of the action between elections.

The real action happens in between elections. That’s when people need to be educated, supporting structures need to be built, and the candidates you helped to elect need your input and guidance. With a political arena looking increasingly like life down Alice’s rabbit hole, citizen participation is essential to ensure a rational path to the future. The Washington County Republican Club accepts the challenge.

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No two Republican Clubs are alike and there are myriad ways to help in each community.   Joining with like-minded, yet diverse friends brings out the best in one's interests and talents. There are lots of ways be involved.  Did we say make a difference?  Oh, yeah! 

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